Set Construction Course

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  • This course is open for 12 weeks
  • 9 lesson series
  • Certificate of completion


About this Course
The production designer creates the world in which the characters live - from a Texas farm setting or an exotic fantasy location to 1970’s set dressings or science fiction prop guns.  Constructing this world is a delicate balance of discovering the story and understanding the characters while still having the pressures of the schedule and budget.
In the Production Design Course, you will learn how to shape a convincing world around your characters - from the basics of how to build a flat to advanced set design and construction techniques.  Learn the skills to break down a script and design and dress a story-centric set.  We detail the roles of the art department, production designer, art director, and construction coordinator.
Working Hollywood production designers in the Production Design Course will help you craft a stunning world in your movie.

In order to receive certification to work in the Set Construction Department you must take the following online course:

  • Welcome to the Film Industry
  • Set Construction Course


After completing the online training, you will be emailed a password so you can sign up for the following hands-on training sessions:

  • Painting
  • Carpentry
  • Set Construction


After completing the online and hands-on portions, you will receive your official Level One Certification.

After competing Level One, you will receive an email to be able to move onto Level Two. If you work on five professional productions and receive positive evaluations from each supervisor, you will receive Level Two Certification.

The lessons
  • The Art Department

    Learn the structure and hierarchy of the Art Department, the duties and responsibilities and how this department can be scaled up based on the size of the production.
  • Set Design

    Learn how to design sets on both large and small budget productions.
  • Set Construction

    Learn how movie sets are constructed to create both a convincing environment and a workable production setting.
  • Set Dressing

    Learn how to dress both practical locations and constructed movie sets to create a realistic environment for the characters.
  • Creating the Look

    Learn how the art department creates the look of the environments in which the story takes place.
  • Props

    Learn how props are created, gathered, and organized for a movie.
  • The Production Designer

    Learn about the Production Designer, his responsibility to the look of the film and her relationship with the director and cinematographer.
  • The Art Director

    Learn the function, duties and responsibilities of the Art Director.
  • The Construction Coordinator

    Learn the role of the Construction Coordinator and the construction department.